Main Theme:

Bioethics to Preserve Humanity: Navigating through environmental crisis and rapid technology advancement

The conference will cover Ethics and Humanities perspectives related to the following Sub Themes (but not limiting):

1. Medical and Health Practices

  • Clinical Ethics: Ethical issue in end of life care, maternal and child, mental health
  • Public Health ethics: communicable and noncommunicable diseases, health care system
  • Vulnerable, minoritized, and marginal populations and communities: systemic racism, gender, ageism, ableism, structural inequality

2. Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation

  • Human Enhancement Technology

3. Global environmental ethics and sustainability

  • Biodiversity ethics and species preservation
  • Climate change, and the impacts and climate resilience 
  • Nutrition, Foods, and Food security 
  • A bioethical emergency of the risk of heat and extreme weather 
  • Solutions to water scarcity
  • The ethics of flood risk management

4. Ethical, Socio-Cultural and religion

  • Structure of vulnerability and health outcomes: gender, older people, and disability

5. Research Ethics and Intregity

  • Genetic and Genomic (Ethical, Legal, and Social Implication)

6. Politic, Law, and Goverment Policy

7. Ethics in Academic and Education System

8. Economic and Business Ethics

9. Other relevant topics to be advised

Call for Oral Presentation Session
Short presentations of research findings during 15 minutes that briefly introduce the author’s work to potentially interested audiences for later follow-up. The presentation includes a 10 minute presentation and 5 minutes for question and answer.
Submission Guidelines: 
  • Abstract should be written with font times new roman, size 12 pt and must not exceed 300 words
  • Abstract must be submitted in English and via website
  • Must be original and have not been published at any other previous conference or journal
  • Abstract described background, research method, result, conclusion or recommendation, and keyword 
  • The submitting author must attend at the conference and present the presentation to ensure that the submission is included in the scientific program. 
  • Only submitting author that will get the certificate for oral presenter.
Call for Poster Presentation
Opportunity for authors to exhibit illustration of their study findings on posters, by displaying description of study/ project, main findings and graphs/ figures/ diagrams. All posters will be available for viewing throughout the in-person conference in the conference venue hall. Poster presenters will be invited to stand by their posters and present their research to attendees during allotted breaks.
Submission Guidelines: 
  • Abstract must be submitted in English and via website
  • Must be original and have not been published at any other previous conference or journal
  • The suggested poster size is 118,9 cm (length) and 84,1 (width) or size A0
  • The poster described background, research method, result, and conclusion or recommendation
  • Include your name, affiliation, and contact information (email) on the poster.